What Does Waterfall Software Mean?

Waterfall software development is a model which is used when all the project details are precise and coordinated. All the details are outlined in an SRS (software requirement specification). That kind of model perfectly fits you if you have a clear vision of the final result and fixed requirements.

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Stages of the Waterfall Method

Waterfall model consists of several stages which follow each other in strict order:

  1. requirement specification, which solved in PRD;
  2. analysis;
  3. design or the internal software architecture;
  4. coding and integrating with the software;
  5. debugging, testing, error fixing;
  6. implementation and integration, which means that the product adapts to different operating systems. It also includes the technical support to customers, introducing new features, eliminating the errors.
  7. The waterfall model requires the transition from one stage to another only after the successfully completed previous stage.

    It is crucial for developers to maintain and update the correct product documentation. The client should know and accept every change.

Cons of the Waterfall Model

There are some disadvantages of the waterfall method:

  • Low flexibility: for cost optimisation, it is impossible to change the project before the final product release.
  • Resistance to change: the plan cannot be modified as programmers have a strict development framework and they have to provide only finished products.
  • Higher risk: in waterfall method only the finished software is tested.

You can reduce the built-in risks using Sashimi model, which is a waterfall model with hierarchical stages, dividing the project into the subproject.

Pros of the Waterfall Model

The Waterfall methodology significant pluses are:

  1. Clear process structure, which helps to reduce the development team threshold level.
  2. Suitable reports which help efficiently monitor risks, finances, resources, time and comprehensive software documentation.
  3. Task stability, as all the tasks remain steady throughout the process from the first day of the project.
  4. Cost and time calculation, which means that the final cost of the project and the launch time can be estimated at the very first step of the development.

The Waterfall Approach is suitable if there is a medium-sized or large project, where all the requirements are transparent and structured in professional SRS (software requirement specification).

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